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Russian Ridge Peanut Gallery "Peanut" - *M LA 02-04 VEVG 86

 2-22-21 - moonspoted

          SSS - CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir - ++*B

     SS - Castle Rock Jasper Quilles - *B

          SSD -SGCH Algedi Farm Purple Rain - 4*M LA VEEV 90

​​S - Castle Rock Eumacus - *B LA VEE 88

          SDS - Dragonfly Odyseuss - *B

     SD -  GCH CRF Castle Rock Siren Song - 3*M LA VEEE 90

          SDD - Castle Rock Sky Lupine - 2*M  LA VVE+ 86         

          DSS - Old Mountain Farm Frankincense - LA VEV 89

     DS - Camanna OMF Jimson Weed - +B

          DSD - CH Camanna CT Jocelyn - LA VVVE 89

D - Castle Rock Peisinoe - 5*M LA VVEV 87

          DDS - SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage - +*B

     DD -   Castle Rock Leucosia - 4*M LA EEEE 91

          DDD - GCH CRF Castle Rock Siren Song - 3*M LA VEEE 90

peanut 2.jpg
FF udder
2F udder

2021 show results

Northern Wisconsin State Fair Grand Champion Jr. Doe

2023 show results

Mid-MN Almost Spring Classic 1st place 2yr old with Reserve Champion - ring 1. Judge Anne Mckeever Clagett

Dam - Castle Rock Peisinoe

Picture courtesy of Russian Ridge

peanut dam.jpg

Sire's Dam - CRF Castle Rock Siren Song

Picture courtesy of Russian Ridge

siren song.jpg

Dam's Dam - Castle Rock Leucosia

Picture courtesy of Russian Ridge

peanut damdam.jpg
peanut dam dam 2.jpg

Impact Affair Of The Hart "Farrah" - 2*M LA 02-04 GVVV 85


          SSS - COld Mountain Farm Swift Elk LA VVV85

     SS - Old Mountain Farm Swift Hart *B

          SSD -Old Mountain Farm Gazelle 3*M LA EEEE 92

​​S - Grasse Acres Sucha Hart Throb *B

          SDS - SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B LA VEE 88

     SD -  Old Mountain Farm Stg Dotter 1*M 

          SDD - Old Mountain Farm Leeloni    

          DSS - ELITE* Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag

     DS - Shere Country ZZ Whirlwind

          DSD - Shere Country MP Windswept

D - Shere Country Butterfly Kisses

          DDS - Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit

     DD -   Shere Country Butterfly Effect

          DDD - SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio 1*M

Dam - Shere Country Butterfly Kisses

Picture courtesy of Impact Acres

FF udder
2F udder

2021 show results

Bluff Country Classic - 1st - GC Jr doe in Show

2022 show results

Wi State Fair - 2nd place yearling milker

Central WI Sate Fair - 2x 2nd place, 1st place,  

Grand Champion, Best Of Breed

Sire's Dam - Old Mountain Farm Stag Dotter

Picture courtesy of OMF

Hilltop Acres Double Jinxed "Jinx" - LA  02-02 GVVG 85


          SSS - SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B LA VEE88
     SS - Old Mountain Farm Brainstrom 
          SSD - SG Old Mountain Farm Rainedaywomn LA VEEE90
S -  Wood & Stream DDB Prince
          SDS -  Rosasharn DLM My Monarch +B LA VEE89    
     SD - Rosasharn MM Diana's Dutches 
          SDD - Rosasharn BCL Diana 6*M LA VVEV87

          DSS - Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun ++*B
     DS - Buttin' Heads  Gun N4 Moscato LA +VV83
          DSD - SG Buttin'heads MVY Maszachusetts LA +VVV86  
D - Caddaypie G4M Moscato Jingles
          DDS - Fairlea Jean-Luc ++*B
     DD - Lost Valley JL Simone 4*M
          DDD - AGS Lost Valley BDC Serabi 3*M

Caddaypie G4M Moscato Jingles
2022 show results
best of the midwest "Sauk Centre"
1x Junior Grand Champion - Sarah Correll
1x Junior Grand Champion - Jennifer Lehman Peterson

Northern Wisconsin State Fair "Chippewa Falls"
1X Junior Reserve Champion - Jennifer Lehman Peterson
Dam's Sire's Dam
Buttin' Heads MVY Maszachusetts
Picture courtesy of Buttin' Heads
Jingles 1.jpg
buttin heads mvy maszachusetts.jpg
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