Purchase agreement

Please read all info.

All kids will stay at farm until they are 8 weeks old or longer if needed. They will not be allowed for pick up until at least 8 weeks old and they are eating enough on their own. If they need to be with the dam or bottle longer it will be my right to keep longer until babies are healthy.

All kids will be disbudded, first set of CD-T, tattooed minus wethers or just pets. Doelings and bucklings will come with registration papers (minus Mojo's, Thunder's and wethers). All will come with health papers/records and care instructions. I will contact you when they are ready for pick up. At that time you will have 3 days to respond to make arrangements for pick up with-in 2 weeks unless other arrangements are made. If I do not hear from you with in that 3 days to make these arrangements you will lose your deposit and your babies will go to the next person on wait list. 

Remaining balance needs to be paid in CASH only at time of pick up (I will NOT take a check) or the kid will not be allowed to leave.

This is very important!

If you do not have goats currently then you need to purchase at least 2 - They are herd animals and MUST have a buddy!

Out of state buyers!

Please contact me for fees to get a vet health certificate - Goats are not allowed to cross state lines with out this certificate. There will be an extra fee for the vet charge so, please take that in account when purchasing a goat.

To purchase a goat you must have a deposit to hold the goat of your choosing. Deposits are $50.00 for each goat. This deposit will go towards the total purchase price. If you change your mind about the purchase you will NOT get your deposit back. The only reason you would get a refund is if something would happen to the animal you had a deposit on before it leaves my farm and I do not have another animal in the gender you choose.

You will have 48 hours to make your pick once I send you the pictures and information so the next person can make there pick as well. If I do not hear back from you with-in that 48 hours you will forfeit the pick and it will go to the next person and you will have to wait for the next one to be available.

I am no longer responsible for the animal once it leaves my farm. However, I can always help if possible!

All hold deposits need to be paid with-in 1 week or the hold will go to the next person on the list.

The breeding list will be updated as quick as I can with who is being bred, to whom, and when. Please remember all due dates are estimates and they are really up to momma doe and mother nature. I will update people with dates, pictures and messages when I can. 

I also have the right to retain any kid I feel will strengthen my goat herd! 

Lastly - I do not allow farm visits during breeding and kidding time. It gets very stressful for the goats, babies and myself. This is best for their health! Thanks for reading!

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