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Just a little about me and why I started my business.

I really wanted a goat but it had to be small. So, I started looking and found twin Nigerian dwarf doelings. I went to see them and instantly fell in love. I mean how can you not! Just look at their faces (pictured) I started with getting just 2 doelings and with in 4 months they multiplied to 5 Nigerian's and 1 Nubian.  These adorable little goats follow us around like little dogs. We have enjoyed them so much that we decided we wanted to start breeding and selling kids so more people can have this enjoyment in their life's.

So now here at Hilltop Acres Goat Farm we are up to 20 goats -and sometimes more if I can sneak them in with out my husband knowing! Beware they are addicting and you will not stop with just 2! 

I have tested for CL in 2018 all negative, will be testing for CAE this spring of 2020. I have a closed herd and all my goats have come from tested herds before I purchased them.

Hilltop Acres Goat Farm in Dundas, MN currently is breeding and selling Nigerian Dwarf's. Along with goat soap, bath bombs and custom made woodworking, animal bandana's, hair scrunchies and books from the farm author!

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