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Hilltop Acres Double Jinxed

jinx 111.jpg


          SSS - SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B LA VEE88
     SS - Old Mountain Farm Brainstrom 
          SSD - SG Old Mountain Farm Rainedaywomn LA VEEE90
S -  Wood & Stream DDB Prince
          SDS -  Rosasharn DLM My Monarch +B LA VEE89    
     SD - Rosasharn MM Diana's Dutches 
          SDD - Rosasharn BCL Diana 6*M LA VVEV87

          DSS - Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun ++*B
     DS - Buttin' Heads  Gun N4 Moscato LA +VV83
          DSD - SG Buttin'heads MVY Maszachusetts LA +VVV86  
D - Caddaypie G4M Moscato Jingles
          DDS - Fairlea Jean-Luc ++*B
     DD - Lost Valley JL Simone 4*M
          DDD - AGS Lost Valley BDC Serabi 3*M

Show Record - 
2022 - best in the mid-west
1x Junior Grand Champion - Sarah Correll
1x Junior Grand Champion - Jennifer Lehman Peterson
2022 - Northern Wisconsin State Fair
1X Junior Reserve Champion - Jennifer Lehman Peterson
DSC_0515 (2).JPG
Jingles 1.jpg
Caddaypie G4M Moscato Jingles
jingles 2f.jpg
buttin heads mvy maszachusetts.jpg
Dam's Sire's Dam
Buttin' Heads MVY Maszachusetts
Picture courtesy of Buttin' Heads
received_3373273869395981 (1).jpeg
Sire's Dam
Rosasharn MM Diana's Dutches
Picture courtesy of Valley Of The Goats
Rosasharn BCL Diana 1.webp
Sire's Dam's Dam
Rosasharn BCL Diana
Picture courtesy of Valley Of The Goats
Rosasharn BCL DIANA'S UDDER 5.webp
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