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Roamn Ranch AQ Rorrie
(1*M pending)


          SSS - SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B LA VVE 88
     SS -  Old Mountain Farm Stag Knight *B LA V+V 84
          SSD - SG NC Promisedland Nemesis 2*M LA VEEE 90
S- Old Mountain Farm AnthonyQuinn *B     
          SDS - SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 4*M LA VEE 90
     SD - SG Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn 4*M LA VEEE 90
          SDD - GCH Old Mountain Farm Natasha 3*M 

          DDS - AGS Rosasharn CH Uproar ++*B LA VEE 87
     DS - Rosasharn Up Andromida +*B
          DSD - AGS Rosasharn UMT Even' Star 3*M
D - Raisin Ridge Ranch A Madonna
          DDS - Rosasharn SP Manuka Honey +*B
     DD- Kaapio Acres MH BelleDonna
          DDD - GCH AGS Little Tot's Estate Callilily 1*M

rorrie 2.jpg

Kidding History

2021  - 2 doelings

2022 - 3B/1D

rorrie 3.jpg
Rorrie 1.jpg
FF udder

Pictures credited to Roamn Ranch

madonna 1.webp
Raisin Ridge Ranch Madonna
Picture courtesy to Roamn Ranch
modanna 2.webp
mila quinn.jpg
Sire's Dam
Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn
Picture courtesy to OMF
mila quinn 2.jpg
nemesis 1.jpg
Sire's Sire's Dam
Promisedland Nemesis
Picture courtesy to OMF
nemesis 2.jpg
Natasha 1.jpg
Sire's Dam's Dam
Old Mountain Farm Natasha
Picture courtesy to OMF
Natasha 2.jpg
Dam's Sire's Dam
Rosasharn UMT Even' Star
Picture courtesy to Rosasharn Farm
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